Make Custom Fantasy Football Shirts for Both the Champions and Losers of Your League

Fantasy Football championships will be decided this weekend. For most leagues, the loser, the basement dweller, the absolute taco, was decided long ago.

Which means it’s always a good time to think about custom t-shirts. They can be both a carrot and a stick.

Did you win your league? Congrats. You deserve a beautiful Fantasy Football Champion Shirt, personalized with your team name, league record, and point total.

You’re probably rolling in your championship winnings. How much was it? $200? $500? More?! Well, you can definitely spend some of that on a one-of-a-kind t-shirt that you can cherish as your own personal trophy for the rest of your life.

But you should also consider the less fortunate. What about the loser of your league? The person who finished in dead last?

Are they cold? Did they literally lose their shirt? You now have the cash to buy them a new one.

But they don’t deserve a regular shirt. No, they should be forced to wear the most humiliating shirt possible. A true Fantasy Football Loser Shirt.

Follow that link and you will see lots of pinks. Lots of unicorns. To be honest, we’re just responding to the market here.

It’s certainly not our belief that anything opposite from masculinity (in this case, pink) is “bad”. That’s not really the belief of our customer either. But it is yet another indictment of the Fantasy Football loser. It’s what *that* person thinks is embarrassing.

Well, maybe. There are probably lots of these giftees who love their Fantasy Football Loser Shirts. These unicorns are beautifully illustrated, after all.

And regardless, every design is totally customizable. So if you want to create your own Black and White Fantasy Loser Shirt with some other humiliating detail, you certainly can!

So remember to customize Fantasy Football Shirts for everyone: the champion, the loser, and the most deserving person of all, the commish.

Fantasy Football Shirts Customized