Coupon Code for June 2019

It’s June, and things are heating up. Want to save on your next order? Use code SUMMR to snag 10% off, offer expires 6/30/19.

Fourth of July is a great excuse to design a funny drinking tee. Customize a matching set for you and your beer olympics teammate. Represent the good old red, white, & blue at all of your 4th of July festivities this year.

We’ve also got a ton of party president tees and tanks that are always a big hit with the crowd. Washington, Lincoln, Hamilton, and Franklin. All of your favorites. We’ve got ’em.

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Living Rent Free in Your Head Tee

Living Rent Free in Someone’s Head: From Your Tweets to Our Tees

A fun thing happened on twitter the other day.

Ed Zitron, a popular twitter user / PR guy / Fuck the Future podcaster, posted this tweet:

If you want to save money try living rent free in someone’s head— Ed Zitron (@edzitron) May 24, 2019

Ari Levy, a CNBC tech journalist / all around nice guy tagged us in a reply:

@jeffbenzenberg here’s a T-shirt for you— Ari Levy (@levynews) May 24, 2019

So we replied and asked Ed if we could sell his tweet on a t-shirt. He seemed open to the idea, although we’re still not sure if he was joking or not.

We wouldn’t post it for sale without compensating Ed in some way. Luckily, we have our storefront platform.

In about ten minutes, we had created a store, added three designs, and shared the login credentials with Ed. If anyone buys these, the royalty earnings will go directly into his account. He can redeem them any time.

We considered this particular use-case in the past. What if we just set up stores for our favorite twitter users and sent them the logins? So many of our favorite tweets would make perfect shirts.

We’ve never pulled the trigger on this idea because it seems uncool. We’d need some level of up-front permission, and without that, the idea is a non-starter.

One more thing making us sad today is the knowledge that we can’t sell the perfect version of Ed’s tweet. The perfect version would have Anton Chigurh’s stone cold face with the words “I’m Living Rent Free in Your Head” around it.

This video created by twitter user husbandsrevenge is the ultimate source of slang quotes like “rent free in your head” and “you’re canceled” and “you better miss me with that” and “the tea has been spilled”… all in the extremely specific voice of Javier Bardem in No Country for Old Men.

But alas, we don’t have the licensing rights to sell shirts printed with Javier’s face, so we can’t post these for sale. Nor do we have permission from HusbandsRevenge, so that’s another good reason. But we might just print these for ourselves to wear around the office.

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Buddha Judge Shirt Pete Buttigieg

Make Your Own Custom Pete Buttigieg Shirts: It’s Pronounced Buddha Judge

The race to be the 2020 Democratic presidential nominee is narrowing. Or is it widening? New people are jumping in every day! Now we got a guy named Seth? President Seth? Feels wrong.

But if you think it’s narrowing, then you probably see three candidates atop the polls: Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, and Pete Buttigieg.

Pete Buttigieg?! Who saw this coming?!

We did! We first learned about Mayor Pete in 2017 when he ran for DNC Chair. He was little known outside of South Bend then. And to be honest, he didn’t get much love in the DNC either.

The race for chair came down to Tom Perez and Keith Ellison, and Perez squeaked it out.

But there was this one guy giving interviews at that time. Each answer was so thoughtful. Considered. Smart! It was hard not to like him.

So we liked him! And we still like him! And now he’s running for President and it just feels right.

His biggest obstacle might be the pronunciation of his name. How do you say it? We made custom shirts that help.

See our “It’s Pronounced Buddha Judge” Shirts here.

If you prefer “Boot Edge Edge (but you have to say it fast)” that’s fine too. Why? Because all of our designs are totally customizable. Change the text to say whatever you want. Choose your own favorite way to share Pete’s message.

Start customizing any of our Pete Buttigieg Shirts, Tanks, and Hats here.

Mayor Pete 2020 Hat

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It’s monthly coupon code time!

Here is our April 2019 promo code, which will save you $10 off any order of $70 or more:


It’s good all month long. Which means it doesn’t expire until 4/30/19. You have a whole entire month to order something uniquely hilarious for yourself or someone else. Birthday gag gifts? We’ve got ’em! From shot glasses to hoodies and stuffed animals to underwear…the possibilities are endless.

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The Influence of Jon Bois on the 40th Birthday T-Shirt Industry

Jon Bois is a genius. In three years, he will be a household name to vast swaths of American men who love to watch sports-related programming on television. Please bookmark this post and revisit it in 2022.

Was this prediction accurate? What’s the world like in 2022? Did Jared Kushner finally bring peace to the Middle East? Or is he in prison?

Back to Jon Bois. You might know his work from Chart Party, a series of videos from SB Nation which dive deep into data and sports.

The graphics are incredible. The music is even better. If you like sexy, sexy saxophones then you’ll love Chart Party.

He’s also very popular on Twitter. Recently, he tweeted:

by the time i’m 40 i pledge to:

– refer to all video games as “mario games”
– refer to everything on tv as a “show” including movies/sports
– use “spam” and “scam” interchangeably
– download a coupon app on my phone called WalletMunkey or something and never shut up about it— Jon Bois (@jon_bois)

February 15, 2019

Later, he followed that tweet with this one:

this tweet turned out to be pretty popular! in celebration, i’ve decided to release it into the public domain. this means you’re free to screencap it, crop out my name, post it to instagram, whatever you’d like to do. it belongs to all of us now— Jon Bois (@jon_bois)

February 16, 2019

We honestly couldn’t tell if he was joking or not, but we thought both tweets were very funny.

Releasing it to the public domain meant that anyone could take it, remix it, or use it however they want.

We just so happen to sell 40th Birthday T-Shirts, so it’s a perfect fit for your old friends at

We immediately took his text and turned it into a 40th Birthday Pledge Tee:

Here’s a fun thing about us: our design center helps us create designs super quickly. We noticed Jon’s tweet within an hour. We posted our reply with a link to this shirt within an hour and five minutes.

We had to decide which bits to include and which to leave off. We eventually had to edit out “refer to everything on tv as a show”. This felt sad, but good new folks: this design is totally customizable.

If you want to add that part back in, you can! You can make the text say whatever you want. Just follow the link and then hit that customize button.

Add a name. Add an inside joke. Personalize the hell out of it.

We’re hoping this leads to an avalanche of other twitter users posting hilarious content related to the age of 40, and then immediately releasing those tweets into the public domain. We’re holding our breath!

This post serves as big Thank You to Jon Bois. And since we’re already getting greedy, let’s ask for one more thing: will you please revisit the math behind the Surrender Index from The Saddest Punt in the World?

We think more weight should be given to teams that are down by 7 – 16 points, where the game is still theoretically in reach. If you’re down by two scores, but you’re in desperation mode, and you punt it away, then that’s just garbage. It looks like Chris Kluwe has already reached out to you about this.

Thanks again.

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Although February is the shortest month of all, somehow it always manages to feel like the longest. But, we made it. Happy almost March, y’all. To celebrate we’re handing out one awesome coupon code. Take $5 off any order of $40 or more with code: CHRM.

It’s good for the whole month, per usual. Which means it expires 3/31/19.

Head on over and start customizing now! Choose from hats, tees, hoodies, mugs, and more. Check out our best sellers for some inspiration.

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With February comes a sweet deal! You heard that right. It’s time to announce our monthly coupon code. So, here it is:

$10 off on orders $100+, with code TENT. This code expires February 28th. Yep, you bet it’s good all month long.

Is it ever a wrong time to create funny custom apparel? Probably not. We especially encourage it right now, because St. Patrick’s Day is coming in hot. We already know you’re planning on hitting that all day bar crawl, so make sure you and the crew have custom drinking tees to rock while you show the Irish how it’s done.

Same thing goes for Mardi Gras. You can’t party like you’re in NOLA without that green, purple, and gold. So head on over and check out our selection of custom Mardi Gras apparel.

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Promote the Green New Deal with Shirts and Hats

Have you heard about the Green New Deal?

It’s a new proposal from the younger Democratic leaders who are about to take over the House of Representatives.

It combines two things everyone loves:

1. Not dying in a desolate wasteland caused by climate change.

2. Inspiration from Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal.

Look around, fellow Americans. The country has gotten a lot richer in the past 40 years. But where has that wealth gone? To the poorest? To middle? Or almost entirely to the top 1%.

People are frustrated. They take their frustration out in a myriad of ways. Some don on a MAGA hat and vote for Donald Trump.

But there is a contradiction with most folks in MAGA Hats: their love of Trump and their love of this classic country song from the band called Alabama, Song of the South.

The song is a tribute to the FDR’s New Deal. Which seems incompatible to Trump’s views, right?

Daddy was a veteran, a southern democrat
They oughta get a rich man to vote like that

Already, we’ve got a democrat here. Interesting.

Cotton was short and the weeds were tall
But Mr. Roosevelt’s a gonna save us all

Looking to a Democrat president (a label that later applied to Obama) for help?

Well momma got sick and daddy got down
The county got the farm and they moved to town

Yikes. Sounds bad. Healthcare is a tricky subject. Trump is determined to destroy the Affordable Care Act, which seems to be bringing healthcare to a lot of people right now.

Pappa got a job with the TVA
He bought a washing machine and then a Chevrolet

And here we have it. FDR did come to the rescue. The TVA is a reference to the Tennessee Valley Authority. It was an economic stimulus program (a classic move from a “Spendocrat”, amiright?) and it did two important things: helped bring electricity to rural parts of America AND it gave the dignity of work to tons of previously unemployed people.

The TVA was part of the New Deal, and the New Deal was a great idea that actually worked.

It’s time for another New Deal. A green one.

Look, we’re nearing the point of no return on Climate Change. In Back to the Future Part III, this was symbolized with a windmill.

In reality, it will be symbolized with a lack of windmills. A shortage of solar panels. And too many oil derricks. Too many mountains stripmined for coal.

The earth is getting warmer. Polar ice is melting. Soon the sea levels with rise. We can kinda-sorta slow it down if we act really fast.

But to act fast, we’ll need a major initiative from the Federal Government. The Green New Deal.

A new stimulus program to combine a jobs guarantee with carbon reduction. It’s a super smart move from these young Democrats, who might someday be referenced in the same breath as FDR. And perhaps a new Song of the South will be written.

If this sounds good to you, help promote it with Green New Deal hats, shirts, and tank tops. Tell the world by wearing it across your chest.

And hey, we get it. Super vibrant green doesn’t look great on everyone. That’s why we offer several shades of green. Pick the one that suits you.

Please feel free to add your own spin. Every design is totally customizable.

Green New Deal Apparel

Deal me in.

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Okay folks, nothing to see here. Whoa, except four free dollars! Gather round everyone, gather round. Don’t be shy, gather round.

Use code NEWY for $4.00 off any order of $40.00 or more.

This is our monthly coupon code for January, which means it expires… *checks notes*… at the end of January.

So start shopping for – and customizing – funny shirts now. And onesies, and undies, and all kinds of other good stuff.

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