Funny Kids’ Shirts and Onesies

It’s a known fact that babies are cute! It’s fun to have others congratulate you on such a good-looking son or daughter. With all this attention and affection your child will receive from friends, family and probably even strangers, you might as well dress them in a funny kid shirt or funny onesie!

While there is a lot of fun to be had being parents, there definitely will be tougher baby moments that won’t be so exciting. For instance, when it comes to changing diapers. It is a tough job, but dressing them in a funny onesie can help shed some laughter on a dirty situation.

If you’re not a parent, but instead a fun uncle or friend, funny kids’ shirts and onesies can be a great gift! Customize the perfect onesie to show how cute they are now as an infant and how cool they will be once they are older. If you are the single uncle, give your niece or nephew a charming onesie that will help you pick up some of the single ladies that surround you both when you are out and about for the day!

Take advantage of the fact you can dress kids in funny swag now because you won’t be able to when they get older! So show the lighter side of life and customize a kid’s shirt or onesie for your little one today!

Funny Kid Shirts and Funny Onesies


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Custom Retro Shirts Featured

Custom Retro Shirts

Have you been getting the feeling that the retro look is making a strong comeback? We’ve been seeing a growing trend that makes us believe that vintage is back in, especially when it comes to apparel! However, finding that perfect retro shirt you’ve always wanted can be a tedious task, one that would involve searching through thrift stores and closets for hours at end. Well, now at, you can embrace the fashion of previous decades with ease by creating a new custom retro shirt!

Think about it. You get to create the retro shirt you’ve always wanted without having to sift through musty thrift shop racks! And if you need a little help choosing a custom retro shirt, you can cruise our gallery where you’ll find retro designs sure to take you back to the good ole days.

We have a wide selection of funny, retro designs too! When you find the design you are looking for; place it in our design center and give it that vintage worn look that retro shirts are known for by applying our distress feature. When you’re done customizing, you’ll have a groovy retro shirt that is both trendy and funny in the 21st century!

Custom Retro Shirts Cafe 80's

Custom Retro Shirts Sausage Festival

Custom Retro Shirts Original Gangster

Custom Retro Shirts Eat Me

Custom Retro Shirts Computer Are The Future

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Funnies Underwear

Funny Underwear

Let’s face it! Underwear has always been funny and is meant to stay funny. Even as kids we would always snicker with just the mention of underwear and as we got older, things didn’t change. It’s still the butt of many jokes! It’s also the best prank gift to give a friend since there is always something a little embarrassing about underwear that makes it funny at the same time.

With underwear being such a hidden garment, you can’t help but laugh when that one person bares it all in a crowd and has something funny written on their underwear. What a way to get your message across! Now you can create your own funny underwear for those moments when you want to reveal your message in a more hilarious way.

At FunnyShirts.Org, we have a variety of underwear available for both men and women and we feature some of the funniest designs out there! Check out our popular design, “I would do anything for love” underwear for women and the equally trendy underwear design for men, “The Man, The Legend.”

As you can tell, we didn’t hold back with the funny underwear designs we came up with and you shouldn’t hold back either when you create your funny underwear! Share your designs in the comment section. Crack us up!

Funny Underwear

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Drinking shirts

Drinking Shirts

Where’s the party at? For students who are living the college lifestyle, those days will soon be here as the start of a new semester inches closer and closer. Some people go to college to learn, some go to meet new people, and then there are the ones who choose to major in other things; like drinking, however long it may last!

For those of you who are party pros, you know attending every party with the right swag is important. And the right swag for every party has to be drinking shirts! Wearing a drinking shirt to a party will have you on the fast track for a good time! The drinking shirts we have on FunnyShirts.Org are ideal for even the biggest party animals, plus we even have team drinking shirts for you to choose from too!

When we were brewing up our drinking designs, we kept in mind that both guys and girls love to have a good time when drinking adult beverages. That’s why you’ll find so many great drinking shirts that fit perfect for both guys and girls on our website.

If you’re not in college and those party days are few and far in-between, you can still have fun and sport a drinking shirt. When you head out for a few drinks with friends, wear a drinking shirt to let them know that if you want to, you can still tip back the drinks with the best of them!

Check out some of the cool drinking shirts we carry below:

Keep calm keg stand drinking shirt

Stop sharing at our re-racks drinking shirt

Forecast for tonight drinking shirt

Drinking team shirt

This girl needs a beer drinking shirt

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The shirts you see in department stores can be so boring! If you want your shirts to pack more of a punch and get people laughing over the things you find funny, then create a funny shirt at FunnyShirts.Org! Design a funny shirt that no one else has and be the whimsical trendsetter! Offer expires 08/31/2013 at 11:59PM EST.

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