Keep Calm and Carry On T-Shirts now has over 50 290 [Edited June 2014] Keep Calm and Carry On designs on dozens of different items. But here’s what’s really special about these designs: they are all completely customizable.

We’ve found that our customers aren’t just searching for your standard white text on red shirts that say “Keep Calm and Carry On”. No, they want Keep Calm and Dance On, or Swag On, or Party On, or a basically infinite variety of sayings. At, they are in luck. Anyone can take any of our 50+ designs and customize them in our design center, where they are able to add their own text, art, and images. They can also take their design and put it on any other item in our catalog via the Swap Out Item tab.

The really great thing about Keep Calm and Carry On (as well as Cool Story Bro, and many other designs) is that it’s being embraced by little circles of friends all across the world. Within these circles of friends, in-jokes develop. The funny way someone uses a phrase, that one time that so-and-so got too hammered, these little things become running jokes among groups of friends. One friend forwards a funny ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ picture to a few other friends. Some variation of Keep Calm and Carry On becomes an in-joke. These friends love it so much, that they want to make t-shirts. They search “Keep Calm T-Shirts“, but mostly they just find the same designs over and over again on dozens of sites. But at, they realize they can get EXACTLY what they want. A few seconds later, they have their design. Shopping Cart. Checkout page. Boom. Done.

These are exciting times.

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