The Funniest Fantasy Football Team Names

The Fantasy Football season is nearly upon and you know what that means? Work productivity is about to be at an all time low. Just kidding! It means drafting a winning rooster and creating a hilarious team name to impress your buddies. Creativity and humor is key. Here are a few of our favorite Fantasy Football team names:

Titsburg Feelers

Somewhere Over The Dwayne Bowe

Rice Rice Baby


Kibbles n’ Vicks

Multiple Scoregasms

The Double Ent-Andres

Dolla Dolla Billz Y’All

Romo Sexuals

Vick’s Kennel Club

What’s best about our Fantasy Football Shirts is their customization factor.  Take one of our designs and change up the colors and add your hilarious fantasy football team name. It’s that easy.  Do you have funny fantasy football team names you think are worth sharing? Learn how to create your own storefront and start designing!

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Game of Zones Custom Fantasy Football Shirts

Fantasy Football is coming.

Make sure you are ready this season with a custom fantasy football shirt featuring our new art inspired by Game of Thrones!  We’ve taken on our own spin of the classic Game of Thrones font and created the parody “Game of Zones” to represent your honor in the battle of fantasy football.  What sets our fantasy football shirts apart is that they all can be customized and we’ve made our “Game of Zones” designs easy to personalize. Just add your funny fantasy football team name and create a  unique house slogan.  Admit it. You’ve had a house sigil and emblem in mind ever since you started watching the ever so popular series so this is your chance to show it off in a hilarious way.


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The Funniest Fantasy Football Shirts

It’s that time of year again that we’ve all been waiting for:  pizza, booze, and fantasy football.   For those of you that don’t know, Fantasy Football is an online competition where players compete against each other by drafting real NFL or collegiate players to a “fantasy” team. You become the general manager of your team as you trade, drop, and add players every week to give you the team to beat. So why not display total dominance and confidence every game day with a Fantasy Football shirt?  Or even better, shame the worst player in your league. To get you ready for this season, Funny Shirts has given you a list of the best and most hilarious Fantasy Football shirts.

Last At Fantasy Football

I Finished Last!

Who Would Jesus Draft


Here For Beer


Don’t Drink and Draft

Lord of Fantasy Football

My Fantasy Favorite Team

Playoff Beard


Y U NO Fantasy Football

What makes these Fantasy Football shirts extra great is that you can personalize them and add your own team name, league, and year. You can even add your own hilarious slogan or create a meme! Customizing a Fantasy Football shirt around your personality and humor is what makes Funny Shirts the best in hilarious custom apparel.

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