Funny Marijuana Shirts


Happy April 20th, Stoners!

Funny Marijuana ShirtsNo one can really be sure how the number 420 became so inextricably associated with smoking weed, but it is and it’s here. There are many explanations and highdeas about how the term “four twenty” came to mean getting high and this article from HuffPost makes a pretty good case, but the real truth of the matter is that we don’t care how it started.

We’re just really really happy such a beautiful day exists.

Keep Calm Clear Bong Cannabis Chills Geta Bong

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Custom Star Wars Parody Tees, Tanks, and Sweats

What do Bob Dylan, Milton Glaser, Marilyn Monroe, Andy Warhol, Edvard Munch, and Star Wars have in common? 

Well those guys (and gal) contributed some pretty amazing and innovative works of art to society and helped shaped the way we understand and appreciate art and music today.

Star Wars is the most epic story of all time and is equally as groundbreaking and significant in the fabric of pop culture.

In honor of the upcoming Star Wars Day, May the Fourth, we have created three original illustrations combining the styles of Glaser, Warhol, and Munch and some of our favorite Star Wars characters.

The Custom Chewy parody sweatshirt is a reference to Milton Glaser’s famous poster of singer, song writer, flower power era icon, Bob Dylan.
Vintage Chewbacca Parody

Marilyn Monroe was the princess of 60’s, but Princess Leia is an intergalactic icon. Gift a Princess Leia Warhol tee to the biggest Star Wars fan you know. Our Princess Leia design is a parody of Andy Warhol’s legendary Marylin Diptych.
Custom Leia Parody

NOOOOOOO one in all of the universe can do The Scream like Darth Vader. Customize your tee, tank, or hoodie and recreate one of the most famous paintings of all time. Edvard Munch’s, Expressionist era, The Scream is noted as being “an icon of modern art.” Be a trend-setting icon of modern t-shirts in this Star Wars parody design.
Scream Vader Parody

However you choose to customize the coolest Star Wars parody apparel is up to just don’t wait a long time because May the Fourth is not far, far away.

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Custom I CANT KEEP CALM Shirts

I CAN’T KEEP CALM. I’m Designing a Custom Shirt.

It wasn’t long ago that the Keep Calm & Carry On posters hit the walls of ironic college juniors’ bedrooms. Then the old phrase transformed into Keep Calm and [insert whatever you please] and took over the internet, dominating memes.

We’re more than thankful the trend still strikes the funny bones of our customers. Our custom Keep Calm shirts are a hit!

But what warrants a giggle even more than paraphrased old British war propaganda? NOT KEEPING CALM BECAUSE THERE IS TOTAL REASON TO FREAK OUT. (Liiiike the Second World War is coming?)

Custom I CANT KEEP CALM Shirts Design your custom I CAN’T KEEP CALM shirt because there are plenty of reasons to lose control. Customize an I CANT KEEP CALM shirt for your family reunions, vacations, concerts,  holidays or just because you’re drunk.

There are plenty of reasons to lose composure. A Custom I CANT KEEP CALM shirt is certainly one of them.

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Funny Cinco de Mayo Shirts

Funny Cinco de Mayo Shirts!


Cinco de Mayo is almost here (that’s the 5th of May for those of you who took French in high school) and we’ve got the funny Cinco de Mayo shirts that you need for your pub.. um, cantina crawl!

Customize any of our tees, tanks, pinnies, Koozies, and more to day drink in! We have tequila bottles, sombreros, a funny looking chihuahua, and more designs for your custom Cinco de Mayo shirt!
Funny Cinco de Mayo Shirts

Customize, order, eat the worm, and FINITO! Cinco de Mayo is a hit… in the face… because you drank too much tequila !


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“Why do you keep calling my Calvin?” Rick & Morty Parody Shirts

This “Why do you keep calling my Calvin?” design from our collection of Rick & Morty parody shirts represents the ever elusive Triple Entendre. We see Double Entendres every day. But a Triple Entendre? Oooh, those are special.

There are thee references:

-Rick and Morty

-Back to the Future

-Calvin and Hobbes

How do they all tie together? Let’s take a inter-dimensional trip through the worlds of three classic pieces of pop culture to figure it out.


Rick and Morty is our new favorite show on Adult Swim, and is partly inspired by Doc and Marty from Back to the Future. One of our Rick and Morty designs is illustrated in the style of Calvin and Hobbes. In fact, it is a rather accurate reflection of the cover art from Scientific Progress Goes Boink, but with Morty and Rick (aka Marty and Doc) in the place of Hobbes and Calvin.

It’s pretty clear that Rick, Doc, and Calvin all have something in common: they’re all crazy inventors. Dreamers. Doers. Mad scientists. Well, not “mad”, but definitely scientists. In this particular scene from Scientific Progress Goes Boink, Calvin has just invented the duplicator. He’s obviously a genius, because his only materials seem to be a marker and a cardboard box. A box, which by the way, would go on to become a transmogrifier as well.

What else do they have in common? The name Calvin. And the curiosity about this name.

In this art, Calvin #2 (aka Morty #2) has just emerged from the duplicator. He is brand new to this world. He knows nothing. Not even his name. Why do you keep calling me Calvin?

This is the same question that Marty asks in Back to the Future.


When watching Back to the Future, have you ever noticed that half the dialog is comprised of jokes contrasting 1985 and 1955? The joke format is roughly this: Here in 1985, we’re doing all these crazy things that would seem totally alien to someone in 1955, including…

-electing an actor to the presidency

-drinking caffeine free soda

-wearing underwear with brand names printed all over them.

This last joke is delivered by Marty’s Mom, Lorraine. When Marty hits his head in front of his mom’s house, she takes care of him. Marty is knocked out cold, and apparently Lorraine removes his pants while he sleeps. (Kind of creepy, right?). It leads to this conversation:


Lorraine Baines: I’ve never seen purple underwear before, Calvin.

Marty McFly: Calvin? Wh… Why do you keep calling me Calvin?

Lorraine Baines: Well, that is your name, isn’t it? Calvin Klein? It’s written all over your underwear.


So in this mash-up art, we are combining Back to the Future and Rick & Morty and Calvin & Hobbes to make one cohesive statement, or rather, to ask one cohesive question: Why do you keep calling me Calvin?


Edit: we received a cease & desist letter from Turner’s attorneys. We’re very sad. We genuinely believed our designs were parody and constituted “fair use”. More is explained here.

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