Make Custom Fantasy Baseball Shirts to Celebrate or Humiliate

Custom Bottom of the Fifth T-Shirt

Fantasy Baseball season is wrapping up! And you know what that means: time for the awards. First, the winner gets a t-shirt that he or she gets to wear for 12 full months.

It’s a great way to rub your victory in the face of those losers beneath you. The Fantasy Baseball season proves – definitively – who in your friend group is the most:

  • intelligent
  • dedicated
  • courageous
  • physically attractive

Ugly people just don’t lose at Fantasy Baseball and that is a fact.

Now, speaking of losers, we also make Fantasy Baseball Loser Shirts.

But just because all the winners are handsome, that doesn’t mean all the losers are ugly. But it’s possible, right? We have to be open minded here.

If you lost at Fantasy Baseball you might not be very attractive. But that’s where the t-shirts come in. They look great. If you wear one, you look great.

Well, you look like a loser, but a beautiful loser.

Our latest Fantasy Loser design says “The Favorite Inning of (Fantasy Team Name Here): the Bottom of the Fifth”.

It features artwork of a mostly empty bottle of liquor (a fifth, if you will) being poured out. Presumably, the booze is sliding into the mouth of a sad, lonely Fantasy Loser.

But remember: you only have to wear this for one full year. That’s the beauty of Fantasy. Next year you might be a winner. And better looking.

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It’s officially Halloween season, ya’ll. Make your own scary t-shirt or tank top at

If you really want to scare the hell out of terrible, famous, old men this year, consider a t-shirt that’s just one giant iPhone screen that says “Incoming Call. Maybe: RONAN FARROW”.

Halloween is all about being as scary as possible, right? Well, that’s the scariest sight imaginable for all the worst people.

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Funny Oktoberfest Shirts

Indulge With Funny Oktoberfest Shirts

It’s that time of year again and we don’t mean Christmas. Get ready to drink with the best of them with funny Oktoberfest shirts!

Oktoberfest is the world’s largest beer festival. It is held annually in Germany and lasts 16 to 18 days with over six million people that attend from all over the world. Unless you are die-hard beer enthusiast, chances are you will be participating in your local festivities. Cities all over the country do their best to replicate the authentic German festival so everyone has a chance to join in on the fun.  Brats, beer, or the vibrant culture – whatever you love most about Oktoberfest can be translated over to your designs.’s gallery is full of the funniest designs to get your drink on at Oktoberfest. Dancing bratwursts and beer puns? You name it, we’ve got it. Our no minimums and fantastic group discounts make it easy for you to buy matching shirts for you and your friends or that baby onesie for your little sauerkraut.

While we think our designs are hilarious on their own you can achieve the ultimate design by customizing it. It doesn’t matter if you’re attending the festival to drink all beer or eat every brat – put exactly your intentions on a shirt or hat. It’s that easy. All you have to do is choose your favorite design or style of shirt and then click the “start customizing this design” button. In the design center, click on the Add Art tab. See the category drop down menu there? Choose the Holiday & Seasonal category and then the Oktoberfest subcategory. In there you will find one of a kind Oktoberfest art that includes beer maids, boots, and even lederhosen.  From here you can create any Oktoberfest design and be as creative or simplistic as you want!

Heading to Oktoberfest this year? Share your funny Oktoberfest shirts with us via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram @funnyshirtsorg!

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