Get In The Spirit With A Dilly Dilly Christmas Sweater

Dilly dilly! It’s the catch phrase that is taking the internet by storm and is now making it’s way onto apparel. Every year we are on the lookout for the next viral sensation to parodied our custom apparel and this holiday season is no exception. Spread that holiday cheer with a funny Dilly Dilly Christmas sweater!

Dilly DIlly Christmas Sweater

You may ask “what does dilly dilly even mean?” While there isn’t a definitive answer to that question, many people have interpreted it a toast of agreement and praise, similar to how one would use “hear, hear!” The creators of this phrase and the commercial that made it a cultural phenomenon have really taken on a lighthearted approach and are ecstatic that people are choosing to wear it across their chest.

While the Christmas sweater has been all the rage with our customers, it might not be the perfect fit for you. The best part about our Dilly Dilly Christmas sweaters is that they are customization. Take any design we offer and swap it onto any product that we offer. Better yet, start with a completely blank item and create a truly unique Dilly Dilly design that no one else has.

Cheers to the most wonderful time of the year, cheers to you and me, and best of all – cheers to ice cold beer. We’ll Dilly Dilly to that!

We would love nothing more to see our customers indulging in their favorite beverages while wearing a Dilly Dilly Christmas sweater. Share your pictures with us via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram @funnyshirtsorg!

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