Customize Funny Father’s Day Gifts

Father’s Day is less than one month away!

Don’t get your dad the same, tired, ol’ things he gets every year (you know- another tie, another basket of smoked sausages, another bottle of whiskey). Instead, treat Dad to something personal and funny.

Customize a funny hunting shirt if stalking wildlife is how your dad spends his free time.

If It's Brown It's Down

Make sure your dad is ready for football season with a custom Fantasy Football shirt.

Keep Calm & Draft On

Does Dad get a chuckle from all things rude and offensive? Customize a funny, offensive shirt so he can tick off everyone he meets… and love every minute of it.

Fucking Fuck

Is Dad not a t-shirt guy? We have custom beer steins for the man that prefers all things brewed.

Keep Calm You Drunk Ass And custom coffee mugs for the hours it’s not acceptable to drink beer.Bill's Initech Mug


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Manly Man Shirts for the Manliest Men

Funny Shirts now has a line of shirts for very manly men and only very manly men. Shirts about meat and bacon. Shirts about manly mustaches and bold man beards. Shirts about manly man work outs.Huge Missed SteakOur manly men shirts are so manly that they make other shirts look like dresses.Moustache And GirlsOur manly man shirts are so manly that other shirts try to date our shirts.Steak Is GreatOur manly men shirts are so manly that other shirts wrinkle at the sight of our shirts.I Love MeatOur manly men shirts are so manly that they wear other shirts… as sweat towels. 


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Custom Star Wars Apparel


It’s the Official Unofficial Star Wars Day.

May the 4th.

Coined a long time ago in a place far, far away (the ‘70s in the UK) May 4th became May the Fourth. Since then, Star Wars fans all across the globe have recognized today as Star Wars Day.
Custom Star Wars Apparel

Use the fourth wisely to read as many of the books as you can. Use the fourth wisely to watch all of the movies. Like Yoda all day, use the fourth wisely and speak. Use the fourth wisely to play with this Yoda translator. Use the fourth wisely and share all of your Star Wars jokes before tomorrow.

We wish we could bask in our love for Star Wars everyday, but, alas, the force is strongest on the fourth. So before the walls close in around you, use the fourth wisely to customize a Parody Star Wars shirt! We’ve created Star Wars parody art by combining elements of the classic story with other pieces of art and pop culture. A bold blend of the finest arts, a re-mix of  relevance, a modern mash-up, if you will.

On this epic day, with you may the fourth be.

For the information, thank you, Wikipedia.


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