Storefront Updates and New features

A lot has happened since we introduced the storefronts platform on FunnyShirts over a year ago. To keep you up to date on all the new products, features, and big pushes, we’ve put together this post with everything that has happened. We are excited to share our newest contributions to FunnyShirts storefronts!

New Features and Updates:

– Site Redesign – One of the biggest changes at FunnyShirts is our big site redesign! You might have already seen some changes to the website but there is more to come. We want to give our users a cleaner and easy to use format that will increase the usability of the overall website.

– Google Anlaytics – We’ve recently added the capability to integrate your storefront with with Google Analytics! This will help storefront owners see more data such as which traffic sources are providing the the most visits and what designs are getting the most traffic. Learn how you can connect your storefront to Google Analytics and how to interpret the data you are receiving here.

– Embed – You can now embed your designs so that they display on your own website! Customers can visit a page on your site and browse your designs. When they click through your design, they will go to that design’s page on Check out our new FAQ section and learn how to embed your storefront.

– New royalty rates – We have bumped royalty rates on the majority of our products! Now you can earn up to 30% on select items. Check out our new royalty rates and what products will give you the highest return.

– FunnyShirts now has an Instagram account. Check out of all new, trendy designs and make sure to tag us @funnyshirtsorg!

– We added the Wanelo social button to our website. Now on every design page, you will see the option for Wanelo on the “W” button along with other social options to share your designs.

– Now when shopping, users will be prompted back to storefronts in the shopping cart in which it originated.

– We are continuously improving mobile usability and our mobile navigation menu has been updated.

Trendy Categories and Big Pushes:

Fantasy Football – Football season has begun and that means everyone is cheering on their favorite players to win some cash! Having a shirt to show off your hilarious team is always a win.

– Movember – Beard shirts and mustache shirts are big hit for the month of November!

Political Shirts – The presidential election is coming up and our designers added some great art of candidates to give our users an opportunity to show their support.

The best way to take advantage of these new features and big pushes is to promote your designs anywhere and everywhere. Linking back to your store and designs gives your products a better chance of being seen and therefore sold. The more you sell, the higher your design will rank in our gallery giving your design an even greater opportunity to be purchased. Christmas is almost here so take advantage of those holiday shoppers!


At FunnyShirts, we want to give our storefront owners the best experience while designing and selling their products. A big part of making our storefronts the best they can be is receiving feedback from our storefront owners. Is there anything we could do to help or assist you with your storefront? Any input or suggestions you may have for us to better your store or the FunnyShirt’s storefront platform in general? We want to evolve this platform based on your input! Reach out to us at and let us know your thoughts, opinions, and suggestions. We are looking forward to hearing from all of you!


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Oktoberfest Shirts and Accessories

Steins, lederhosens, and the smell of sauerkraut are in the air. The combination of these three things can only mean one thing. That’s right, it’s Oktoberfest. Oktoberfest may of started in Germany but many Americans have jumped on the festivities bandwagon. People travel to different cities and prepare for this event weeks in advance. So why not take your celebration to the next level with a funny beer themed shirt or custom stein to show off your love for the German culture? FunnyShirts has put together a list of the best Oktoberfest shirts to make sure this festival will be one you won’t forget.

I like big mugs and I cannot lie.

They really should change the name to this.

Seriously, I could have ten more boots. 

I may have dressed formal but I am here to party.

Just trying to get my message across loud and clear.

Das one hell of a boot you got there.

I can teach you, but I’d have to charge.

That’s a good looking brat you’ve got there

All that make Oktoberfest wonderful.

There’s no need to hide the real reason your attending this year’s festival.

With our easy to use design center the user can take any design and switch it onto their product style and color of choice. Add your favorite slogan, names, and dates of this years event! You will surely get noticed in the crowd with a one of a kind design. Here’s to good food and great beer. Prost!

Show off your amazing designs by sharing your pictures with us on FacebookTwitter, or Instagram @funnyshirtsorg!

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Build a clothing empire with storefronts

It’s that time again where FunnyShirts highlights a storefront that is an example to all storefronts. Whether it be amazing designs, a strong brand, or different approaches to marketing – Poo-Tees has all of those attributes and that is why they are our storefront of the month!

What makes Poo-Tees incredibly unique to any storefront on is their approach to getting their products seen by the right consumers. Social media, grass root campaigns, and even creating a Shopify store to diversify their outreach.  We recognize and congratulate Poo-Tees for taking their custom apparel designs to the next level by finding a target market and effectively advertising their efforts on multiple channels to grow their business.

Have a design concept that you think will be a hit? Check out FunnyShirts storefront FAQ and start designing!

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