This is the blog for FunnyShirts.org.  If you’re looking to own, or give as a gift, some darn funny shirts, we highly recommend you visit FunnyShirts.org with a credit card at the ready.

We have many hopes and dreams for this blog. We put up killer new designs constantly on FunnyShirts.org, so we won’t be able to post every single new design here on the blog, but we will post new designs as they become popular.

We also want to use this blog to keep our finger on the pulse of the massive funny t-shirt industry. We will have an eye on our competitors and post the designs that we really dig.  I can’t wait to make a post about the 20 best Alf T-Shirts on the market.  Remember Alf, Bart?  He’s back! In t-shirt form.

And we really want to write about some of the issues facing t-shirt makers in this day and age.  For example, what’s up with Fair Use?  Do the big copyright owners actually respect Fair Use?  Or do they threaten to sue despite the obviously satirical nature of your design?  Well, these are all things to anticipate if you subscribe to our blog.  It should be pretty awesome.


The FunnyShirts.org Team of Friendly and Attractive People

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