Bernie Sanders Shirts

As some of you may already know, there’s this thing called a presidential election that is happening in 2016. In case you were living under a rock, there is this guy named Bernie Sanders who is giving all the others candidates a run for their money and with a catchy slogan like “Feel the Bern” it was just too easy for FunnyShirts to fill a gallery of Bernie Sanders shirts for his supporters.

Simple, straight to the point, or flat out funny – we’ve got a design that fits your political style. Our designers created original art that you will not find anywhere else.  You also have the option to swap out a design onto multiple products making it easy to show your support or hate for any presidential candidate.  Feel indifferent? Either way, we have plenty of political shirts to satisfy your patriotic needs.

Looking to raise funds for Bernie Sanders campaign? Open a custom apparel storefront and earn royalties for every design you sell!

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Design Your Own Clothing Line With Custom Apparel Storefronts

As many already know, FunnyShirts has an enormous selection of hilarious designs. We’re adding tons of new designs every week which means we try really hard to stay on top of the latest trends and memes. With the addition of our storefronts, we are thrilled and just down right ecstatic when a storefront comes along and is a huge contribution to our gallery of funny shirts. CWO Store does just that and so much more. CWO adds the latest and greatest designs that correlate perfectly with what is happening in pop culture and because of that they are our storefront of the month!

Every design in their storefront can be customized by easily swapping out the product, color, text, and art. This is great option to have around the holiday season for those picky family and friends you have no idea what to get. Although, we have to admit these designs are already amazing without the customization factor. Hats off to CWO for staying on top of the trends and seizing the opportunity to optimize on them!

Interested in sharing your designs with the Funny Shirts community? Check out our Storefront FAQ and start designing!

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