Funny Underwear MasterBater

Customize Dirty Underwear for a Great Valentine’s Day Gift

With so much love-y dove-y stuff happening around Valentine’s Day, sometimes you just need to find a way to escape from it all with something funny. This year for Valentine’s Day, forgo all the pressure to customize apparel that is all about love and instead create funny apparel! If you’re thinking funny apparel is not going to work as a Valentine’s Day gift, guess again! At we have funny underwear your valentine is sure to enjoy if they have a sense of humor.

We have underwear available for both guys and girls to customize for your valentine so all you have to do is just choose your favorite! You can even add your own, original humor that is sure to make your valentine laugh once you reveal the hidden surprise. Need ideas for funny underwear? No worries! We have funny underwear designs already created for you, but beware, because we didn’t hold back with these designs and things got a little dirty!

Underwear for him

Funny Underwear MasterBater

Funny Underwear Hanging Low

Funny Underwear Choking Hazard

Funny Underwear Heart On

Underwear for her

Funny Underwear Fart Loading

Funny Underwear I Like Wieners

Funny Underwear Spank Here

Funny Underwear Its Not Going To Kiss Itself


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Anti-Valentine Shirts Featured Image

Love Blows! It’s Better to Wear Anti-Valentine’s Day Shirts

Valentine’s Day is not for everyone. While some couples will be smooching on a park bench, holding hands and buying each other romantic gifts, you’ll be shaking your head and saying, “Give it a break!” and we’re right there with you! If you’re rolling solo for Valentine’s Day or just against the holiday’s existence altogether, it’s time to join the anti-Valentine’s Day revolution.

On Valentine’s Day when couples will be wearing their matching couples shirts, you can fight back by rocking your anti-Valentine’s Day shirt. We have plenty of anti-Valentine’s Day shirts that will get the point across on how silly Valentine’s Day really is and how much it blows. If you don’t find a shirt that expresses what you really think about the holiday, create your own using our design center and be ready to tell cupid and the lovebirds what you really think about Valentine’s Day!

Anti-Valentine Shirts

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National Hat Day is Better with Funny Hats

What’s special about today, January 15th? Well, if you didn’t know, it’s National Hat Day! Today is the one day out of the entire year when it is socially acceptable to wear a hat everywhere! Whether you wear hats on a regular basis or are the casual hat wearer, it will be difficult to pass up the chance to wear a hat on National Hat Day. And if you don’t have a go-to hat, it’s time to get one!

There’s nothing worse than having a closet full of humdrum hats that you’re not excited to wear anymore and it’ll make for an even more lackluster Hat Day. We never want you to be in that situation so that’s why we carry customizable funny hats! We have funny hats that will put all other hats to shame because once you customize a hat with your own funny saying, the others just don’t compare! Not sure what to put on your custom hat? Check out all the funny hats we already have designed for you and put your own twist on them! Celebrate National Hat Day the right way, with a new funny hat!

I’m drunk again bro

Funny hat I'm drunk again


Booty hunter

Funny hat booty hunter


Back-to-back world war champs

Funny hat back-to-back world war champs


U mad bro?

Funny hat u mad bro


Size matters

Funny hat size matters


Beer pong champion

Funny hat beer pong champion

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Funny Socks

Keep Your Feet Warm and Be Funny with Custom Socks

We know many of you are looking to expand your funny apparel collection beyond just shirts, and that’s why we have made an effort to add new apparel items as often as we can. Now on, you’ll notice that we have recently added socks to the line-up of items you can customize with funny stuff!

While your friends are bragging about the funny shirts they have, you can one up them with a pair of funny socks. Custom funny socks are ideal for marathons, holidays and themed parties. But the ultimate time to wear your new funny pair of socks is when you are playing your favorite sport. Your game might not be getting you cheers from the crowd, but at least you can be the dude or dudette on the field or court with the funny socks!

Want funny socks? We’ve got them!

U Mad Bro?

Funny Socks U Mad Bro

Rock Flag and Eagle

Funny Socks Rock Flag Eagle

Average Joe’s

Funny Socks Average Joes

Maijuana Pot Line

Funny Socks Marijuana Pot Line

Get Your Balls Wet

Funny Socks Get Your Balls Wet

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Funny Steins

Funny Steins Will Make You The Life of The Party!

Who wants to carry around a plastic, red cup while enjoying an adult beverage at a party? No one, that’s who. They’re unoriginal and a screaming reminder of the college days when the only cash you had on you for the week was the five dollars it cost you at the party to get the red cup in the first place! Well, the times have changed and it’s now time to upgrade from the flimsy, plastic cups of yesterday to personalized funny steins!

Customizing a funny stein will not only remove you from the college red cup stigma, but it will also make you the life of the party because funny steins are excellent conversation starters! Everyone will want to read what’s on your stein and talk to the clever person who created it. Create a funny stein yourself or buy one of the many funny steins we have available for you on and take credit for the funny saying on the stein, we don’t care! We just care about you having a good time!

Funny steins are also perfect for a big party holiday like St. Patrick’s Day, which is right around the corner! Don’t miss the chance to have a funny stein and be the life of the party!

Want funny steins? We’ve got them!

Drink Up Bitches

Funny Stein St Patrick's Day

Get Drunk and Break Shit

Funny Stein Get Drunk

Real Girls Chug

Funny Stein Real Girls Chug

Bachelor Party

Funny Stein Bachelor Party

You Don’t Even Know

Funny Stein Liver

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