Earn Money with a Funny Shirts Storefront!

Funny Shirts has storefronts! Funny Shirts has storefronts! Funny Shirts has storefronts!

We have just launched our new storefront program that will enable graphic designers, businesses, photographers, funny people, people who think they’re funny and everyone in between to design tees, tanks, hoodies, and more to earn royalties for every sale!

Just what is a Funny Shirts Storefront?

We’re glad you ask. A Funny Shirts storefront is a site hosted by FunnyShirts.org from which you can sell any of our awesome tees, tanks, crop tops, hoodies, sweats, beer steins, coffee mugs, duffel bags, boxers, bikinis, and more that you’ve designed! This means you can use the art and fonts from our design center to create original designs or upload your own photos, designs, and logos! For every sale that comes out of your storefront, you will earn a royalty!

Okay, let’s talk royalties.

Earn all the royalties you can. The royalty rate depends on the item. Right now, it ranges from 10% to 16%.

You will see the royalty rate on the product details page of every item and on the Save page. When you save a design, you will see “The royalty rate for this item is ___%”.

Tip: if you want to find low-priced items with high royalty rates, start with our line of Basic Tees. (Basic apparel comes in light colors.) If you want to earn the highest possible dollar value per item, start with high end brands, like American Apparel, Bella Flowy or Alternative Apparel.

Yeah, but how much to open a storefront?

Nada. Zip. Zilch. Seriously. It doesn’t cost you a thing to open or maintain your storefront. And it never will.

Hot Diggity! How do I get started then?

First things first- create a Funny Shirts account (yes, this is also free). Once you’ve done so, you will then create a storefront. You’ll see a link to do so in the My Account page. From there you can name your store, add a URL, and upload a logo. Start designing any and all of our items and watch the earnings pile up in your PayPal™ account!

PayPal™ ? What’s that got to do with it?

Nothing gets past you. We use PayPal™ to pay our storefront owners. If you don’t already have a PayPal™ account, please create one. It’s easy and free. You will be asked to enter an email address. When you have earnings to redeem, simply go to My Account > Earnings and enter that same email address and click ‘redeem’.

Alright. Anything else I should know?

Yeah. A couple of things:

1. Copyright infringement isn’t going to fly. We have to approve all of your designs before they’re posted to your storefront (usually takes about 24 hours tops). We’ll approve just about anything except work that is copyrighted. No Harry Potter. Sorry. Talk to Ms. Rowling.

2. People can customize your designs. Say you designed a funny unicorn t-shirt, but Sally would much rather have a funny unicorn sweatshirt. Sally can customize your design by changing out the item and even adding more art, text, whatever to the design. But don’t freak out, you still earn a royalty. If they enter the design center through your design and add something to their cart, you earn the royalty.

3. Right now, we are asking you to wait until you have earned at least $30 before redeeming your earnings. But we are flexible with this. Just email us at storefronts@funnyshirts.org.

4. You can find more information at our Storefront FAQ page. If you still have questions PLEASE email us! We want to hear from you!


Check out these storefronts to get an idea of how everything will be set up!

The band, Shrub’s storefront: http://www.funnyshirts.org/s/shrub
A storefront dedicated to best Dad Jokes: http://www.funnyshirts.org/s/dadjokes