The Influence of Jon Bois on the 40th Birthday T-Shirt Industry

Jon Bois is a genius. In three years, he will be a household name to vast swaths of American men who love to watch sports-related programming on television. Please bookmark this post and revisit it in 2022.

Was this prediction accurate? What’s the world like in 2022? Did Jared Kushner finally bring peace to the Middle East? Or is he in prison?

Back to Jon Bois. You might know his work from Chart Party, a series of videos from SB Nation which dive deep into data and sports.

The graphics are incredible. The music is even better. If you like sexy, sexy saxophones then you’ll love Chart Party.

He’s also very popular on Twitter. Recently, he tweeted:

by the time i’m 40 i pledge to:

– refer to all video games as “mario games”
– refer to everything on tv as a “show” including movies/sports
– use “spam” and “scam” interchangeably
– download a coupon app on my phone called WalletMunkey or something and never shut up about it— Jon Bois (@jon_bois)

February 15, 2019

Later, he followed that tweet with this one:

this tweet turned out to be pretty popular! in celebration, i’ve decided to release it into the public domain. this means you’re free to screencap it, crop out my name, post it to instagram, whatever you’d like to do. it belongs to all of us now— Jon Bois (@jon_bois)

February 16, 2019

We honestly couldn’t tell if he was joking or not, but we thought both tweets were very funny.

Releasing it to the public domain meant that anyone could take it, remix it, or use it however they want.

We just so happen to sell 40th Birthday T-Shirts, so it’s a perfect fit for your old friends at

We immediately took his text and turned it into a 40th Birthday Pledge Tee:

Here’s a fun thing about us: our design center helps us create designs super quickly. We noticed Jon’s tweet within an hour. We posted our reply with a link to this shirt within an hour and five minutes.

We had to decide which bits to include and which to leave off. We eventually had to edit out “refer to everything on tv as a show”. This felt sad, but good new folks: this design is totally customizable.

If you want to add that part back in, you can! You can make the text say whatever you want. Just follow the link and then hit that customize button.

Add a name. Add an inside joke. Personalize the hell out of it.

We’re hoping this leads to an avalanche of other twitter users posting hilarious content related to the age of 40, and then immediately releasing those tweets into the public domain. We’re holding our breath!

This post serves as big Thank You to Jon Bois. And since we’re already getting greedy, let’s ask for one more thing: will you please revisit the math behind the Surrender Index from The Saddest Punt in the World?

We think more weight should be given to teams that are down by 7 – 16 points, where the game is still theoretically in reach. If you’re down by two scores, but you’re in desperation mode, and you punt it away, then that’s just garbage. It looks like Chris Kluwe has already reached out to you about this.

Thanks again.

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The Size Of This Lad Sweatshirt

In Awe at the Size of this Lad: Shirts and Tanks for Absolute Units

If you’ve ever looked into the mirror and felt pure awe at the size of the lad standing before you, then perhaps you’ve come to the right place.

Are you an absolute unit? Do you know someone who is? Does their torso ever get cold?

Finally, a product to solve all of your problems. Actually, several products:

Absolute Unit Tees, Tanks, Hats, and Sweatshirts are now for sale at


A Bit of Background

The phrase first came to the public’s attention thanks to @mrreptoid’s tweet on Dec 13, 2017:



It was a series of photos showing the Queen of England getting into a car. He quickly concluded that this man should become King and we couldn’t agree more.



The meme started to spread when it was used by one of our favorite follows on twitter, David Roth:



Of course, you know David Roth’s work on Twitter thanks to his invention of “The Ratio”. When someone tweets badly, they will start to get many more replies than retweets or favs. The ratio will tend to resemble the batting statistics from baseball stars of yesteryear. For example, the Adam Dunn classic: a .198 batting average with 34 home runs and 83 RBI. That’s a bad tweet.

But today we’re talking about good tweets. In the case of David’s tweet above, he is using the Absolute Unit meme to call attention to one of the Koch children.

We don’t normally support being in awe at the size of this lad for purposes of mocking, but we can’t help but agree with David on this one.


In Conclusion

We love this meme and that’s why we made t-shirts.


The Size Of This Lad

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Give A Laugh With Funny Teddy Bears

National Teddy Bear Day is coming up and it’s easy to see why this iconic childhood toy has an entire day dedicated in its honor. On September 9th, everyone will revel in memories or pay tribute to their favorite bear. Teddy bears are traditionally viewed as cute, charming and are the perfect gift for anyone and everyone but what’s better than sentimental teddy bears? Funny teddy bears.

You cannot go wrong gifting a teddy bear to anyone for any occasion. Times are changing and it’s time to put a new spin on a traditional gift. Make your bestie laugh out loud with a hilarious inside joke or pop the question to your significant other. Customize any design in our gallery by easily adding your own art, text, or uploading a personal photo. Take the next step by creating matching designs with terms of endearment or funny nicknames for you and your partner. Our talented designers have already provided some flat out funny designs in our gallery for you to choose from but the customization is up to you. Don’t believe us? Take a look for yourself!

Funny Teddy Bears

Swiggty Swooty

Funny Teddy Bears

I Miss You Even When I’m Horny

Funny Teddy Bears

Are You Ganja Be Mine?

Funny Teddy Bears

Damn Girl You Fine

Love the design but not the bear? Swap out the item and mix it up with a unicorn, dog, or monkey stuffed animal. I mean, who wouldn’t want a I Love You More Than Harambe plush gorilla?


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Make Christmas Great Again With a Donald Trump Ornament

American voters thought that with the end of the 2016 election that there would be a little more peace and quiet in the world. Wrong. It’s the gift that keeps on giving. The future leader of the free world is here to help make your Christmas great again because there’s nothing like a Donald Trump ornament to make your holidays a little brighter. This unique yet straightforward ornament not only spruces up your Christmas tree but also let’s everyone know that Trump is your man this holiday season.

Donald Trump Ornament

Our talented designers have filled our gallery with one of kind art and designs for allies and foes but that’s not even the best part about these deplorable ornaments. Every design has the ability to be customized! You can effortlessly add or subtract text and art or start from scratch – here’s how:

Step 1. Select the “Create a new design” tab from the side menu or select your favorite Donald Trump ornament from our gallery.

Step 2. If starting with a blank item, select the “Home/Office” option from the “Accessories” category.

Step 3. You will now be able to select which ornament you would like to customize. Star, snowflake, heart, or a classic circle – the option is up to you!

Step 4. Add whatever text you want to your design. Simply adjust the text font, size, and color to your liking. Other features such as arch, outline, and distress can also be added.

Donald Trump Ornament

Step 5. Once your design is complete, enter the quantity, add the items to your cart, and “Checkout”.

Love Donald Trump so much that you need everyone to know all year round? Easily swap out any design onto a tee, tank, hoodie, or other accessory. Select “Swap Item” tab within the design center and switch out the product of your choice.

Custom Donald Trump Phone Cases

With our amazing no minimums and group discounts you create and customize as little or as much as you want.  Trump all those haters and make Christmas great again with custom Donald Trump ornaments!

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Funny Gifts For Dad

Father’s Day is on June 21st  and we don’t want you to forget like you did last year. While Father’s Day can be very sentimental for daddies all over the world, sometimes the best gifts are the ones that give you a good laugh. The best part about our dad’s is that they aren’t picky and they don’t take themselves too seriously. To help you not forget Father’s Day this year, FunnyShirts has put together some great ideas to get dad laughing.

Bacon, booze, football, and dad jokes are only the beginning of the designs we offer but what makes FunnyShirts so great is the ability to customize any design or product that we offer. Shirts, flasks, aprons – you name it.  FunnyShirts has a variety of apparel and accessories that all can be personalized to give dad that perfect gift this Father’s Day. Add your dad’s favorite saying or that classic dad joke he just won’t give up on. Customizing a funny father’s day gift let’s dad know that the thought and effort was there but most importantly, that you still think he’s funny.

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Funny Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him

Getting a gift for your man can be a challenge and getting a Valentine’s Day gift can be a nightmare. Even if you just started dating or have been married for 25 years you don’t want your Valentine’s Day gift to say too much or too little. Finding a the perfect gift for your man can be time consuming or down right expensive and not even be exactly what you wanted.

The best gift to get your significant other is a funny one. How can you go wrong with a hilarious maybe even slightly inappropriate gift? Funny Shirts has come to the rescue by providing a gallery full of valentine’s day gifts for him that are not only playful but every item can be customized! You can easily add your names to a design or some hilarious inside joke that will surely make him laugh. Funny Shirts offers a variety of men’s apparel and accessories that can easily be switched out in our design center to create the perfect custom valentine’s day gift for him.

Step up your gift giving and create an outfit or matching accessory for yourself. While Funny Shirts offers some of the best men’s apparel online, we have the finest array of women’s apparel. Put a comical message on your underwear, tank top, or socks that will grab his attention and make him laugh. These ideas are only beginning. The options to customize funny Valentine’s Day gifts are endless when you start designing!

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The Presidents are Ready to Party. Are you?

The Fourth of July is almost here. We can’t wait to take the day off, soak up the sun, wear our funny 4th of July shirts, and enjoy being ‘Merican!

The only people who are probably more excited for the Fourth are Abe, Uncle Sam, and George, and old Ben.

Just look at them getting their party on.

Show your American pride and party with the presidents this 4th with our Party Presidents shirts! They want YOU to!

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Friday Funnies


Shia LaBeouf
After an embarrassing Cease & Desist was ordered to actor Shia LaBeouf on plagiarism charges he has been in a very awkward downward spiral.

The child-star actor tweeted pictures of the Cease & Desist order and then continued to tweet “I AM NOT FAMOUS ANYMORE” over and over again.

I Am Not Famous Anymore

LaBeouf then hired skywriters to issue an airborne public apology on New Year’s Day 2014 to the comic book writer he apparently ripped off.

Following this public breakdown, the actor was reportedly very offended by a dig Jim Carrey made while hosting the Golden Globes last month. And proclaimed, yet again via Twitter, that he was “retiring from all public life.”

But, wait! There’s more!

While walking a red carpet for LaBeouf’s upcoming movie, “Nymphomaniac,” the actor donned a brown paper bag over his head. Across the bag (and face) was written none other than, “I AM NOT FAMOUS ANYMORE.”

And finally, while in Berlin for a press conference the actor answers a question from the audience with a response about seagulls searching for sardines.

LaBeouf claims that all of this bad press and strange behavior are the result of his latest “performance art.” Or *cough* drugs.

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Funniest Super Bowl Commercials of 2014

Top Five Funniest Super Bowl Commercials of 2014

With the game being pretty much over by halftime yesterday, we relied heavily on this year’s Super Bowl commercials to entertain us for the rest of the night; and compared to years in the past, this year’s commercials were a little bit of a let down in the funny department. When it comes to the Super Bowl’s commercials, companies usually don’t hold back. They push the envelope by playing with our emotions to get us to remember them by either creating a commercial that shocks us, makes us laugh or pulls at our heart strings. Even though the funny commercials were lacking this year, there were a few that deserve recognition, including a few companies that make this list every year.

Here are the top five commercials from Super Bowl XLVIII

1.     Doritos – Time machine


2.     GoDaddy – Spray tan


3.     Heinz Ketchup – Hum


4.     Radio Shack – The 80’s called


5.     Volkswagen – German engineers get their wings


Did we miss a Super Bowl commercial that should have made the list?


Funniest Super Bowl Commercials of 2014

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