Make Custom Fantasy Baseball Shirts to Celebrate or Humiliate

Custom Bottom of the Fifth T-Shirt

Fantasy Baseball season is wrapping up! And you know what that means: time for the awards. First, the winner gets a t-shirt that he or she gets to wear for 12 full months.

It’s a great way to rub your victory in the face of those losers beneath you. The Fantasy Baseball season proves – definitively – who in your friend group is the most:

  • intelligent
  • dedicated
  • courageous
  • physically attractive

Ugly people just don’t lose at Fantasy Baseball and that is a fact.

Now, speaking of losers, we also make Fantasy Baseball Loser Shirts.

But just because all the winners are handsome, that doesn’t mean all the losers are ugly. But it’s possible, right? We have to be open minded here.

If you lost at Fantasy Baseball you might not be very attractive. But that’s where the t-shirts come in. They look great. If you wear one, you look great.

Well, you look like a loser, but a beautiful loser.

Our latest Fantasy Loser design says “The Favorite Inning of (Fantasy Team Name Here): the Bottom of the Fifth”.

It features artwork of a mostly empty bottle of liquor (a fifth, if you will) being poured out. Presumably, the booze is sliding into the mouth of a sad, lonely Fantasy Loser.

But remember: you only have to wear this for one full year. That’s the beauty of Fantasy. Next year you might be a winner. And better looking.