Best April Fools Pranks 2013

The Funniest April Fools Day Pranks Of 2013

Best April Fools Pranks 2013

Yesterday was either a day you loved or a day you hated, it was April Fools! If you have the prank gene hidden inside you then April Fools is the one day you can display your trickery talents and not tick off your friends and family too bad with a little prank, after all they should be well aware of when April Fools is here.

This year some of our favorite companies went all out to fool their fans, with Google definitely leading the way. Here are some our favorite April Fools day pranks that made us bust out laughing.

Searching for Google on Bing

There’s no doubting the battle that has existed in the search engine world between Google and Bing, recently Bing has been making a big push with their “Bing it on Challenge” to make people more aware of how their search results differ from Google’s. Well yesterday we got to see just how much Google is on the mind of Bing. If you entered Google in the search box of Bing, Bing would change their webpage to look like Google’s signature search page, including adding the Google colors.

April Fools Google look on Bing

Google Nose

For years people have been predicting that we will have smell-o-vision and Google made us think it was here by rolling Google Nose, giving us the ability to search for smells.

google nose April Fools day prank

Scope Bacon Mouthwash

How I wish this one was true! Scope shouldn’t play with the heartstrings of people who love the meat candy that is Bacon!

April Fools Scope Bacon Mouthwash

YouTube Was Just A Video Contest

Google did it again! YouTube, which is owned by Google, came out with another prank stating YouTube was just a contest to find the best video. If you uploaded a video to YouTube they made you think you were part of the contest. They came out stating the contest would end at midnight on April Fools and YouTube would re-launch in 2023 featuring the winning video.

Which one hit the funny bone for you?