6 thoughts on “Reddit’s First Ever Self-Proclaimed Sponsored Novelty Account

  1. To quote another Redditor:

    “Relevant comment…publicly announced affiliation…charity donation per post…direct benefit to Reddit users….
    Oh you son of a bitch. You clever bastard.
    …you won this time. But I’ll be waiting. You WILL slip up and my pitchfork will be ready.”

    Also, feel free to come do an AMA at /r/InternetAMA (bring your non-novelty account if you don’t want to pay or break character?)

    1. Hey RedditTreasures! I will be there. October 2nd. 2 PM EST. r/InternetAMA. I have just added an edit to the blog post above to include those details. I would like to use my IMadeYouATeeShirt account to respond, but you’re right, I’ll have to break character. I’ll also have to figure out a special system for donating and buying reddit gold in that thread.

      1. Da fuq? Seems like an admin may have deleted you 🙁

        The Internet has your back, please come do the AMA so we can bring attention to this.

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