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While the mustache has been getting much of the attention everywhere, it’s not too late to give the mighty beard some love as well. Some of the greatest men throughout history had beards like Jesus, Lincoln and even good old St. Nick grew a beard long and proud. Why? Maybe because beards are associate with manliness. No one can argue that Chuck Noris isn’t as badass without the beard. In the case of St. Nick who braves the North Pole and flies in a sled in the middle of winter, the beard is for warmth. With those job requirements I think any man would have chosen to grow a beard. For some men the beard is just part of their signature look and if the beard is gone their image just isn’t the same.

Today many athletes have chosen to bypass the mustache and grow the beard. Some of the most noteworthy beards that come to mind in sports today are those of James Harden who plays for the Houston Rockets, Josh Reddick of the Oakland Athletics and Brain Wilson of the San Francisco Giants. In fact, it’s hard to watch a game without hearing the announcer say something like “Fear The Beard,” when a bearded athlete makes a play. The sport that is known the most for their beard growing has to be hockey and you can bet many hockey players and their die hard fans will be growing a manly beard now that the NHL playoffs are under way.

Whether you love growing a beard or are just a member of the beard-mania fan club, we wanted to give you a way to embrace the beard. At FunnyShirts.Org you can choose a design you are already familiar with like the “Fear The Beard” saying we just mentioned or you can create your own beard shirt! You know when it comes to creating your own custom shirt design we have you covered with many art options for almost every category you can think of. Our beard art is what makes us the place for finding the best beard shirts!