Beer Holder Tailgate Hoodies

Most consider enjoying a nice cold beer with your buddies as a pastime and with the explosion of craft beer on the forefront of alcoholic beverages anything and everything is about beer. Whatever your drinking preference includes drinking beer at tailgating events, brew fests, or just while you are lounging around at home. We have the perfect gift for the beer enthusiast in your life – Beer holder tailgate hoodies!

Beer Holder Tailgate Hoodies

Our tailgate hoodie is not just any hoodie but a hoodie with that a perfectly fitting, built-in pocket that is destined to hold your refreshing beverage. The insulated pocket has reinforced stitching that keeps your beverage sturdy so you don’t have to worry about using your hands. That’s right ma, no hands.  It is also equipped with a bottle opener to make your life just that easy.

Deer Beer Bear Hoodie

The entire purpose of the tailgate hoodie is to accommodate any boozy related activities. This wonderful hoodie has a velcro seal that is great for storing and keeping your valuables from bouncing around and is perfect for about anything from football season, running, hunting, fishing, or just to get your drink on.

Hydrate Responsibly Hoodie

FunnyShirts not only has specific designs for beer but for vodka, wine, and rum plus we have design categories for any and every sport for those serious competitors. We use direct-to-garment digital printing that gives our hoodies and sweatshirts amazing quality prints. With screen printing, you’ll sometimes get ink so thick that it noticeably sticks up off the surface. That’s never the case with digital printing! Digital printing ink has a very soft feel that compliments the coziness of the product.

Beer pocket? Check. Insulated pocket? Check. Velco seal? Check. You really can’t go wrong with a custom beer holder tailgate hoodie!