Living Rent Free in Your Head Tee

Living Rent Free in Someone’s Head: From Your Tweets to Our Tees

A fun thing happened on twitter the other day.

Ed Zitron, a popular twitter user / PR guy / Fuck the Future podcaster, posted this tweet:

If you want to save money try living rent free in someone’s head— Ed Zitron (@edzitron) May 24, 2019

Ari Levy, a CNBC tech journalist / all around nice guy tagged us in a reply:

@jeffbenzenberg here’s a T-shirt for you— Ari Levy (@levynews) May 24, 2019

So we replied and asked Ed if we could sell his tweet on a t-shirt. He seemed open to the idea, although we’re still not sure if he was joking or not.

We wouldn’t post it for sale without compensating Ed in some way. Luckily, we have our storefront platform.

In about ten minutes, we had created a store, added three designs, and shared the login credentials with Ed. If anyone buys these, the royalty earnings will go directly into his account. He can redeem them any time.

We considered this particular use-case in the past. What if we just set up stores for our favorite twitter users and sent them the logins? So many of our favorite tweets would make perfect shirts.

We’ve never pulled the trigger on this idea because it seems uncool. We’d need some level of up-front permission, and without that, the idea is a non-starter.

One more thing making us sad today is the knowledge that we can’t sell the perfect version of Ed’s tweet. The perfect version would have Anton Chigurh’s stone cold face with the words “I’m Living Rent Free in Your Head” around it.

This video created by twitter user husbandsrevenge is the ultimate source of slang quotes like “rent free in your head” and “you’re canceled” and “you better miss me with that” and “the tea has been spilled”… all in the extremely specific voice of Javier Bardem in No Country for Old Men.

But alas, we don’t have the licensing rights to sell shirts printed with Javier’s face, so we can’t post these for sale. Nor do we have permission from HusbandsRevenge, so that’s another good reason. But we might just print these for ourselves to wear around the office.

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Design Your Own Clothing Line With Custom Apparel Storefronts

As many already know, FunnyShirts has an enormous selection of hilarious designs. We’re adding tons of new designs every week which means we try really hard to stay on top of the latest trends and memes. With the addition of our storefronts, we are thrilled and just down right ecstatic when a storefront comes along and is a huge contribution to our gallery of funny shirts. CWO Store does just that and so much more. CWO adds the latest and greatest designs that correlate perfectly with what is happening in pop culture and because of that they are our storefront of the month!

Every design in their storefront can be customized by easily swapping out the product, color, text, and art. This is great option to have around the holiday season for those picky family and friends you have no idea what to get. Although, we have to admit these designs are already amazing without the customization factor. Hats off to CWO for staying on top of the trends and seizing the opportunity to optimize on them!

Interested in sharing your designs with the Funny Shirts community? Check out our Storefront FAQ and start designing!

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A lot has happened since we introduced the storefronts platform on FunnyShirts over a year ago. To keep you up to date on all the new products, features, and big pushes, we’ve put together this post with everything that has happened. We are excited to share our newest contributions to FunnyShirts storefronts!

New Features and Updates:

– Site Redesign – One of the biggest changes at FunnyShirts is our big site redesign! You might have already seen some changes to the website but there is more to come. We want to give our users a cleaner and easy to use format that will increase the usability of the overall website.

– Google Anlaytics – We’ve recently added the capability to integrate your storefront with with Google Analytics! This will help storefront owners see more data such as which traffic sources are providing the the most visits and what designs are getting the most traffic. Learn how you can connect your storefront to Google Analytics and how to interpret the data you are receiving here.

– Embed – You can now embed your designs so that they display on your own website! Customers can visit a page on your site and browse your designs. When they click through your design, they will go to that design’s page on Check out our new FAQ section and learn how to embed your storefront.

– New royalty rates – We have bumped royalty rates on the majority of our products! Now you can earn up to 30% on select items. Check out our new royalty rates and what products will give you the highest return.

– FunnyShirts now has an Instagram account. Check out of all new, trendy designs and make sure to tag us @funnyshirtsorg!

– We added the Wanelo social button to our website. Now on every design page, you will see the option for Wanelo on the “W” button along with other social options to share your designs.

– Now when shopping, users will be prompted back to storefronts in the shopping cart in which it originated.

– We are continuously improving mobile usability and our mobile navigation menu has been updated.

Trendy Categories and Big Pushes:

Fantasy Football – Football season has begun and that means everyone is cheering on their favorite players to win some cash! Having a shirt to show off your hilarious team is always a win.

– Movember – Beard shirts and mustache shirts are big hit for the month of November!

Political Shirts – The presidential election is coming up and our designers added some great art of candidates to give our users an opportunity to show their support.

The best way to take advantage of these new features and big pushes is to promote your designs anywhere and everywhere. Linking back to your store and designs gives your products a better chance of being seen and therefore sold. The more you sell, the higher your design will rank in our gallery giving your design an even greater opportunity to be purchased. Christmas is almost here so take advantage of those holiday shoppers!


At FunnyShirts, we want to give our storefront owners the best experience while designing and selling their products. A big part of making our storefronts the best they can be is receiving feedback from our storefront owners. Is there anything we could do to help or assist you with your storefront? Any input or suggestions you may have for us to better your store or the FunnyShirt’s storefront platform in general? We want to evolve this platform based on your input! Reach out to us at and let us know your thoughts, opinions, and suggestions. We are looking forward to hearing from all of you!


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Build a clothing empire with storefronts

It’s that time again where FunnyShirts highlights a storefront that is an example to all storefronts. Whether it be amazing designs, a strong brand, or different approaches to marketing – Poo-Tees has all of those attributes and that is why they are our storefront of the month!

What makes Poo-Tees incredibly unique to any storefront on is their approach to getting their products seen by the right consumers. Social media, grass root campaigns, and even creating a Shopify store to diversify their outreach.  We recognize and congratulate Poo-Tees for taking their custom apparel designs to the next level by finding a target market and effectively advertising their efforts on multiple channels to grow their business.

Have a design concept that you think will be a hit? Check out FunnyShirts storefront FAQ and start designing!

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Design Your Own Cool Shirts With

At FunnyShirts we want to make you laugh out loud with our trendy and hilarious designs. With our newest additions of custom apparel storefronts, we want to give our customers the opportunity to make others laugh as well. We honestly can’t get enough of  blunt and clever designs that push the threshold on what is funny. Cool Shirts does just that and that is why they are our storefront of the month.

Cool Shirts has a large variety of designs that would surely make a great custom gift for any and all of your family, friends, or just for you. The best part about about the designs offered in their storefront is that they be customized onto different styles of shirts or even different products. Take any hilarious saying or slogan from Cool Shirts and use it for your next event or gag gift!

Do you think you are funny and clever? Then check out our Storefront FAQ, put it on a shirt, and see how funny your designs really are!

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Red Heart Designs Supplies A Demand With Custom Apparel Storefronts

At FunnyShirts we like to offer opportunities to all of our customers to say whatever they want and put it on a shirt. Now as our custom apparel storefronts take full swing, our customers are brilliantly noticing a need for more designs in specific categorizes that have even more potential to sell to a wider audience. Red Heart Designs noticed the absence of birthday designs and seized the opportunity to start a storefront targeting this specific niche. With great designs and the ability to get their designs out on social media makes Red Heart Designs FunnyShirts storefront of the month.

They didn’t just stop with birthday designs. Red Heart Designs has added some hilarious and ready to customize designs that we personally can’t get enough of. They also do an incredible job of  paying attention to what FunnyShirts is currently marketing and the new trends that we are adding to the website. Really – what better storefront could we ask for?

Like we said, another reason we love Red Heart is their activeness on social media channels like Wanelo where they highlight their designs with effective hashtags. Not only does Red Heart do a great job of adding great designs but also making sure their designs get seen by the right consumers.We salute Red Heart Designs for finding a target market and effectively advertising their efforts on social media.

Interested in custom apparel storefronts? Check out our FAQ and get started today!

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Target An Audience With FunnyShirts Custom Apparel Storefronts

If you are looking for cute, trendy, country and hunting apparel you’ve come to the right place. Mattison noticed the lack of country apparel offered online and decided to seize the opportunity to add their own amazing take on what is missing for women in this specific niche. Mattison’s eye for great, clean designs and catchy sayings is what makes them FunnyShirts storefront of the month!

Mattison’s storefront offers a great country theme from  hunting, country pride, to even bridal apparel. Their storefront also delivers a wide range of products from bathing suits, maternity shirts, and baby accessories. Designs featured in Mattison’s storefront are sure to hit home with anyone who loves the rustic and outdoor atmosphere. Every design offered in their storefront can be customized to include names or your favorite colors. FunnyShirts has the best and largest variety of custom apparel for women. We love seeing storefronts seize that opportunity to target a specific market while creating trendy and fashionable designs.

Do you see a lack of apparel in a hobby or cause you love? Learn how you can open your own custom apparel storefront and start designing!

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Rescue Me Spreads Awareness For Pet Adoption With Custom Apparel Storefronts

At FunnyShirts we cannot get enough of a hilarious tee or design but we also love helping others expand in their passion and spread awareness for causes they love.  This is why Rescue Me is FunnyShirts storefront of the month. Rescue Me is a storefront dedicated to raising awareness for rescue pets. They offer authentic cat and dog rescuer designs on trendy apparel that can easily be swapped out onto a different style or product color. By wearing one of Rescue’s Me designs it will hopefully inspire others to adopt a dog or cat.

FunnyShirts Storefronts are an easy way to raise awareness or even funds for any cause. There are absolutely no start-up costs to open a storefront, nor will you ever pay a fee to maintain your storefront. Simply design the tees, tanks, sweatshirts, and accessories you’d like to sell for your cause, promote your storefront to volunteers and supporters, and collect the royalty earnings to use for upcoming events or general fundraising needs.

It’s amazing what storefronts can help achieve for those raising awareness for great causes. And with custom designs so cute – how can you not purchase a tee, tank, or sweatshirt to spread awareness on keeping dogs and cats out of shelters and put them into loving homes.

Interested in spreading your message with custom apparel storefronts? Find out more information about storefronts here!

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Show Your Sailor Love With Simply Nautical’s Custom Navy Apparel

Ahoy, mateys!

If you are in need of sailor and Navy apparel you’ve come to the right place. With consistently cute and funny naval designs, Simply Nautical is FunnyShirts storefront of the month!Simply Nautical’s storefront offers a great nautical theme from Navy pride, deployment, to even command gifts. Their storefront delivers a wide range of products from bathing suits, maternity shirts, and baby accessories. Designs featured in Simply Nautical’s storefront are sure to hit home with anyone who has a loved one serving in the armed forces.  Each design represents the love and pride that individuals have for sailors and the best part is that you can customize any design featured! You can easily add your significant others name to any design or even switch out the color scheme with a variety of different products. So easy that you can create matching designs for you, mom, dad, and your little one!

We love Simply Nautical’s storefront because it’s not only a great tribute to the military but also because they have a unique and stylish way to honor them.  Show your pride for the Navy with Simply Nautical’s storefront!

Have a great idea for custom apparel? Check out FunnyShirts Storefront FAQ and learn how you can get started today!

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Customize Funny Gifts with Funny Bunch

Our goal at FunnyShirts is to provide customers with a gallery full of designs that are trendy and hilarious. If our designs don’t actually make you laugh out loud then we aren’t doing our job. With that being said, our custom apparel storefronts are the essence of what makes FunnyShirts so great and that is why Funny Bunch is our storefront of the month. Cats, bacon, and borderline inappropriate designs – uh, yes please.  These designs are downright funny.

Funny Bunch has a large variety of designs that would surely make a great custom gift for any and all of your family and friends. The best part about about the designs offered in Funny Bunch’s storefront is that they be customized onto different styles of shirts or even different products. Nothing says I love you to your significant other more than a custom “You Disappoint Meow” shirt, mug, iphone case, and tote bag.

Are you that ridiculously funny friend who makes everyone laugh? Then check out our Storefront FAQ and see how funny your designs really are!

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