Get In The Spirit With A Dilly Dilly Christmas Sweater

Dilly dilly! It’s the catch phrase that is taking the internet by storm and is now making it’s way onto apparel. Every year we are on the lookout for the next viral sensation to parodied our custom apparel and this holiday season is no exception. Spread that holiday cheer with a funny Dilly Dilly Christmas sweater!

Dilly DIlly Christmas Sweater

You may ask “what does dilly dilly even mean?” While there isn’t a definitive answer to that question, many people have interpreted it a toast of agreement and praise, similar to how one would use “hear, hear!” The creators of this phrase and the commercial that made it a cultural phenomenon have really taken on a lighthearted approach and are ecstatic that people are choosing to wear it across their chest.

While the Christmas sweater has been all the rage with our customers, it might not be the perfect fit for you. The best part about our Dilly Dilly Christmas sweaters is that they are customization. Take any design we offer and swap it onto any product that we offer. Better yet, start with a completely blank item and create a truly unique Dilly Dilly design that no one else has.

Cheers to the most wonderful time of the year, cheers to you and me, and best of all – cheers to ice cold beer. We’ll Dilly Dilly to that!

We would love nothing more to see our customers indulging in their favorite beverages while wearing a Dilly Dilly Christmas sweater. Share your pictures with us via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram @funnyshirtsorg!

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All Over Print Holiday Apparel

December is here and it’s time to spread the Christmas cheer with all over print holiday apparel!

This year don’t wait til the last minute to frantically find that perfect gift for that special someone in your life. Instead personalize the trendiest custom gifts with our all over print holiday apparel.

Like we’ve mentioned before, this new and exciting printing process allows users to print designs from edge-to-edge. You can even upload your own high resolution images straight from your phone. Create a design just on the front of the item or from front to back. Make sure to use both the front tab and back tab in our design center to get that “all over” look!

All Over Print Holiday Apparel

Our current list of all over print apparel keeps expanding from tees and tanks into more accessories like pillowcases and phone cases. is excited to announce our newest addition of all over print stocking and ornaments just in time for the holidays.  Easily take any design from our gallery and personalize it with names and dates. We offer hard to beat no minimums and generous group discounts that allows our customers to create matching ugly Christmas sweaters for an entire group or that one special ornament. Give the ultimate gift this season with custom all over print holiday apparel!

Still can’t find exactly what you are looking for? Go the extra mile and start from scratch.’s one-of-a-kind design center makes it incredibly easy for users to upload their own art and images. You can even upload your a picture of your best friend and add accessories like elf ears and hats!

What would you proudly across your chest? Show us via Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram @funnyshirtsorg!

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Funny Christmas Sweaters

The holidays are quickly approaching and you know what that means? Funny Christmas sweaters!

All year long holiday enthusiasts have been anxiously waiting for the time to come where they can make their besties laugh out loud at their newest Christmas sweater. Year after year your overall objective is to have the most eccentric sweater whether it be funny, do-it-yourself, or so vintage that “no one can believe you found that at the thrift shop” kind of vintage. Since these sweaters have become so popular it has become incredibly difficult to find that one of a kind sweater. There’s no need to worry this year because has got you covered. Literally.

Funny Christmas Sweaters

What makes our Christmas sweaters better than anyone else online? Combining Christmas with hilarious puns and pop culture is kind of our thing and we tend to out do ourselves each and every year. Our gallery is full of giggle worthy designs that are created in-house by our innovative art department. You cannot find our art in our design center and designs from our gallery anywhere else. Choose one of our designs or start from scratch. That’s right. Add your own art or upload your own images to any of the sweaters that we offer. Upload an image of a coworker and add reindeer ears and a nose to complement their jolly face. We guarantee you’ll have the best Christmas sweater at the office.

We can’t wait to see what you come up with this holiday season! Show us your ugliest and funniest Christmas sweater at your next holiday party via Facebook or Instagram @funnyshirtsorg.

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The Ugliest and Funniest Christmas Sweaters

No matter if you observe Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, or Christmas – there is one common custom that is recognized and that is none other than the ugly Christmas sweater. It’s the most wonderful time of year where we all come together and celebrate the birth of the ugly Christmas sweater.  What makes these eccentric sweaters so special? These tacky yet magnificent pieces are great conversation starters and more importantly, make viewers literally laugh out loud. So when you’re invited to a holiday party, you can’t let the opportunity to wear an ugly Christmas sweater pass you by. That’s why has all the ugliest and funniest Christmas sweaters you need right here:

Funniest Christmas Sweaters

I’m not a playa, I just crush a lot emoji style.

Funniest Christmas Sweaters

It just wouldn’t be the holidays without politics.

Funniest Ugly Sweaters

I mean, who isn’t?

That’s not all has to offer. We have a huge selection of designs from the hilarious to the hilariously offensive and we’re sure you’re going to find something you can’t wait to wear. These anti-itch sweaters are actually printed illusion of stitches but that’s not what makes our ugly sweaters the best online. Take any of your favorite designs and customize it by adding your own art or text and even swapping it onto any product that we offer. That’s right, you can create matching sweaters for you and your buddies and even the entire family. Rock those sweaters in your family Christmas card, we dare you.

Be the life of the party and give the gift of laughter this year with the funniest Christmas sweater!

Show us your ugliest and funniest Christmas sweater at your next holiday party via Facebook or Instagram @funnyshirtsorg.

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Pop Culture Ugly Christmas Sweaters

It is officially December  and that means we can now go full throttle into all things Christmas! At FunnyShirts we like to think we do the whole Christmas thing to a tee. Get it?! So funny and clever, we know. Mashing up Christmas and funny designs is kind of our thing and we’ve taken it to the next level this holiday season. Ugly Christmas sweaters are all the rage and the real goal is to find the most outrageous and hilarious design possible. Why not be incredibly trendy this year by having an ugly sweater that is relevant to pop culture?

Our team of designers have added great art referencing some of the hottest and iconic moments in pop culture. But the best part is all of our designs can be customized. Change the color and art to get the exact design you want!

There aren’t your grandma’s ugly christmas sweaters. Our “sweaters” are actually designs that create a cool printed illusion of stitches on whatever type of shirt you want instead of the typical itchy stitched designs of yesteryear. So, you can put your design on a t-shirt, sweatshirt, hoodie or even a tank top if you really want to get the party started.  No itch and no sweating? Yes, please.

We would love to see you rocking your Christmas sweater at the next holiday party! Share your photos with us on Facebook or Instagram @funnyshirtsorg.

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The Top Ten Funniest Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Christmas is almost here and you know what that means? It is time to find the ugliest and funniest Christmas sweater to impress anyone and everyone. The goal of the ugly Christmas sweater is to be original and to make a statement. Finding the perfect Christmas sweater can be tricky. You’ve already seen that design a hundred times, it can be quite pricey, and let’s be honest – it can be down right itchy. FunnyShirts solves all your problems by offering custom designs at no minimums and no itch! Add your own clever sayings to one of our sweaters and then add art from the endless amount of options in our art gallery. It’s really that simple.

Here at FunnyShirts we understand the difficulty in finding or creating a funny Christmas sweater that stands out at the party. We’ve put together a list of our top ten funniest ugly Christmas sweaters to help get your creative juices flowing!


A Grumpy Cat Jingle Bells

Big Papa Claus

A Heisenberg Christmas

Nutcracker Crush A Lot

Santa’s A Wise Man

Let’s Get Baked For Xmas

A Very Pedo Christmas

Santa Spoiler Alert

A Filthy Animal Christmas

An Ugly Plumber Christmas

These are not the only Christmas designs FunnyShirts offer. We have plenty more designs in our gallery that will surely get all your buddies talking this holiday season.

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Funny Christmas Sweatshirts

Spread Some Holiday Cheer with Funny Christmas Sweatshirts

With Christmas almost here, everyone is in a festive and jolly mood. And while it’s great to decorate the tree and sing Christmas carols, it’s even better to wear your Christmas spirit on a Christmas sweatshirt! Not just any Christmas sweatshirt, but a funny Christmas sweatshirt!

At, we couldn’t just settle for an average Christmas sweatshirt that only has a big Santa and elf on it. We wanted to create designs that would stand out and be funny! Funny enough to even make the big man himself chuckle! Grab one of these funny Christmas sweatshirts and start spreading some holiday cheer this year or save it for next year!

Want funny Christmas Sweatshirts? We’ve got them!

Grumpy Cat Jingle Bells

Christmas Sweatshirt Grumpy Cat

Christmas Is Hump Day

Christmas Sweatshirt Hump Day

Ice Up, Son

Christmas Sweatshirt Ice Up Son

Let’s Get Baked

Christmas Sweatshirt Lets Get Baked

Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal

Christmas Sweatshirt Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal

Christmas. You’re Welcome

Christmas Sweatshirt Christmas You're Welcome

I Have A Big Package

Christmas Sweatshirt Big Package

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Christmas Sweatshirt Gamer

Not Your Grandma’s Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Those jingle bells are ringing which means the ugly sweater parties will soon be singing your name! Time to find that Christmas sweater that will be the showstopper at any party! Don’t risk being the guy who shows up to the party wearing a Christmas sweater he borrowed from Grandma because he waited until the last minute. Grandma may find it cool that you are wearing her sweater that has a big present on it, but no one else will.

At FunnyShirts.Org, we say who says Christmas sweaters have to have a big present, tree or moose on them? We believe Christmas sweaters should be better than what your grandma wears. This year, customize all the christmas sweaters you will need and while you’re at it, put a funny spin on the traditional sweaters too! Add cool stuff to your custom christmas sweater like video games and even zombies!

Not only will these funny Christmas sweaters destroy all other Christmas sweaters this holiday, but you can also avoid the itch that comes with the stitch because our sweater designs are printed!

Christmas sweater printed

Want Christmas sweaters? We’ve got them!

Christmas Sweatshirt Gamer

Christmas Sweatshirt Mustache

Christmas Sweatshirt Zombie

Now technically, most of these items are marketed by the manufacturers as “sweatshirts”. But these days, it seems like “sweater” is becoming synonymous with “non-hooded sweatshirt”. Maybe it’s a regional thing. We certainly think all of our triblend sweatshirts, sloucky wideneck sweatshirts, and cardigans can be fairly classified as “sweaters”.

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Custom Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Custom Ugly Christmas SweatersLooking for an ugly Christmas sweater? We have lots of cool options! However, these aren’t your grandma’s Christmas sweaters. Our “sweaters” are actually designs that create a cool printed illusion of stitches on whatever type of shirt you want instead of the typical itchy stitched designs of yesteryear. So, you can put your design on a t-shirt, sweatshirt, hoodie or even a tank top if you’re daring! Plus, we have some really cool designs, because nothing gets you in the Christmas spirit like mustaches, cats, zombies and video games. Right?


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