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Love Blows! It’s Better to Wear Anti-Valentine’s Day Shirts

Valentine’s Day is not for everyone. While some couples will be smooching on a park bench, holding hands and buying each other romantic gifts, you’ll be shaking your head and saying, “Give it a break!” and we’re right there with you! If you’re rolling solo for Valentine’s Day or just against the holiday’s existence altogether, it’s time to join the anti-Valentine’s Day revolution.

On Valentine’s Day when couples will be wearing their matching couples shirts, you can fight back by rocking your anti-Valentine’s Day shirt. We have plenty of anti-Valentine’s Day shirts that will get the point across on how silly Valentine’s Day really is and how much it blows. If you don’t find a shirt that expresses what you really think about the holiday, create your own using our design center and be ready to tell cupid and the lovebirds what you really think about Valentine’s Day!

Anti-Valentine Shirts

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