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Funny shirts, ready for you to customize.

Ahoy hoy! Are you a member of the media? Do you need some totally sweet images that you can feature when you run your story about us? If so, please feel free to use any of the images below. The images showing some of our designs link to the actual design on the site.

If you need any other images (higher resolutions or what have you), just let us know. We'll be able to help right away. funnyshirts@eretailing.com

If you want to write about the ability to personalize any design using our interactive design center, might we recommend featuring this Happy 50th Birthday design? It's super cool because you can change the name from Sam to William or John or Jerkface or whatever other name you like.

If you want to write about the way in which we have embraced hilarious internet meme t-shirts, might we suggest featuring our Y U NO guy? Really, these designs are perfect for our site because of the customization factor. Our design center is actually better than a lot of rage comic generators out there, so you could pretty much design your comic in t-shirt form, and then share it. Food for thought, anyway.

If you want to write about our huge art library, which you can use to create your own designs, and much of which is actually adorable and hilarious at the same time, might we suggest using our Jiggle That Weiner design? The Jiggling of the Weiner design is particularly interesting because it shows how the use of a second piece of art (the half-tone element behind the hot dog) can be used to really tie a design together, creating a holistic and beautiful composition. High art on funny t-shirts, indeed.

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